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Selling or Purchasing property in Tel Aviv-Yafo calls for real estate/brokerage firms with intellectual innovation, marketing experience, and integrity


The city of Tel Aviv-Yafo emanates with life and high energy. The city is characterized by a young and stylish cultural atmosphere. The city incorporates comfortable living in proximity to interesting and beautiful sights. The bustling heart of Tel Aviv-Yafo determines its superior standard of living. You’ll find luxury projects alongside gorgeous high-quality apartments

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Marketing new projects

Our goal is to find your perfect apartment: something new or in the making. We are well acquainted with the new projects in Tel Aviv-Yafo. We’ll turn you in the right direction to find a place that you're happy to call home

Sale of second-hand apartments

We are more than happy to sell your apartment or help find the right apartment for you. We know how to evaluate the value of any property. We go a step further by working with architects to determine the property’s structural character  (some would call this "potential"), ensuring your complete satisfaction with the deal

Properties For Rent

If you have a property, it is important that we find the right and reliable tenants that will take good care of your apartment. We will accompany the whole renting process all the way, from the preparation of the property to the signing of a contract with good and responsible renters

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We believe in efficiency and focus with a personal touch. Selling or Buying a property in Tel Aviv-Yafo? Take your first step with us

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The right deal

Thanks to our pool of loyal customers and business partners, we have the assets to guide you. We understand needs on both sides of a purchase, so we know how to mediate and close negotiations between buyers and sellers.


We value your time. We will make all the professional inquiries in advance to connect you with verified advice. Our team practices careful listening, attention to detail, and transparency to service your purchase.

Value for Money

We exercise superior teamwork skills in every situation. Our collaboration with professional architects, appraisers and lawyers guarantees the best value for your money.

About –

Moses Real Estate

In 2016 we founded Moses Real Estate to connect people to the loving city of Tel Aviv-Yafo.  Our company offers bountiful networking for clients and their assets. We believe in honesty and integrity. Everyone has the potential to find their next home and be satisfied with their deal. We’re here to make your dream reality. With our updated and immersive database you’ll have access to apartments ready for sale, apartments for rent, as well as extensive options for finding customers interested in buying and selling

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We believe in efficiency and focus with a personal touch. Selling or Buying a property in Tel Aviv-Yafo? Take your first step with us

Tel Aviv financial district skyscrapers shot at night, Israel.

Sale of property in Tel Aviv-Yafo

After much thought, you decided to sell your property. The critical question is, who will responsibly manage your sale? Customers are attracted to certain marketing strategies. Only an experienced agent can guide the right customers to your property

“Moses Real Estate” boasts a staff of highly qualified experts. We guide property transactions from valuation to sale.  Our team work in full cooperation with architects, appraisers and lawyers to boost your property market value. All you need to do is put your property on the market. We’ll implement traditional and innovative marketing methods to find buyers and make a deal that suits you

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Finding your new home

Buying a home is much more than acquiring a property. This strenuous process requires empathetic agents who know how to lend a helping hand. “Moses Real Estate” wants to understand your personal needs to find an optimal living environment. We’re excellent communicators with integrity at your disposal

Our team is familiar with sales in both new and second hand apartments. This experience helps us save you time finding a property meeting your specifications. We cut costs by collaborating closely with architects, lawyers and appraisers. Once the phone’s off the hook, our relationship is engaged. We know which properties are ready for sale, and we’ll show you the hot property listings to find your dream deal

We’d be thrilled to serve and guide you to a successful property deal. The relationship starts with you sending us a message or call

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